Posted on 18-Jul-2019

Angela Milburn, Wellness Therapist

I received lovely news recently.

I struggled to nominate myself for A York Women Mean Business award as I just didn’t feel right blowing my own trumpet. However I was given an award spontaneously, by the Creator of OldPain2Go, Steven Blake and his partner Trudy.

“Hi Angela, it gives Trudy and I great pleasure to announce we are awarding you Master Practitioner status. You can, without doubt, do the work and we love your enthusiasm and willingness to help others in the group. We will announce it shortly in the group and you may notice if you go on the Practitioner map you have the only green marker to denote your status. Trudy will get your updated certificate in the post.

Well done, Love and respect from Steven and Trudy.”

This really touched me and gave me the little kick I needed to start putting myself out there more to use this brilliant method and I have been getting fantastic results too!

Really proud to be making a big difference in people’s lives.

Today I got a fantastic review on my Google My Business page from someone who had been really struggling with hay fever and had it shifted and it’s stayed away!

Yay for beating our own drum, blowing our own trumpet and any other relevant metaphors!😊

Shout out if you need help with horrific hay fever, awful arthritis or terrible tummy aches...

All the love ❤️
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